When it comes to getting inspiration for its collections, Zara has been at the center of several lawsuits and controversies where it has been accused of appropriation, plagiarism and more. In this occasion, popular Cuban brand Clandestina is accusing the fast fashion giant of “plagiarizing” some of its designs.

The most contested design is a t-shirt with a slogan that reads “Mentally I’m in Havana”, which Clandestina claims is extremely similar to its own slogan, “Actually, I’m in Havana”, which is intrinsically connected to the brand, and identifies the shirts as Clandestina originals.

Clandestina vs Zara

This is not the first time Zara clashes with Clandestina. According to reports by the Cuban press, there have been several occasions in which clients have discovered clothing items at Zara that are very similar to those designed by Clandestina designer Idania del Río

“The first time was when we launched our ‘País en construcción’, collection and Idania received a message that showed [clothing from Zara] with the slogan ‘Under construction’,” explained to OnCuba the store’s founder Leire Fernández.

Clandestina, founded in 2015, is the first urban fashion line founded in Cuba, and has become increasingly popular among younger consumers to reach an icon status.

Since 2017, the brand operates internationally, selling its products in La Habana, as well as other foreign retailers and online.

And although the Cuban brand is well within its rights to take legal actions against Zara, this proves to be a complicated and expensive process, which is why it has chosen to take the issue to social media, with a humorous video that also looks to teach a thing or two.

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