The sale of counterfeit parts has been a major issue for the automotive industry, and one that has been proven difficult to get rid of. However, the Volkswagen Group is willing to fight it head on.

In fact, this past August 23, the Group filed a lawsuit against retailer BK Motorsport, a California-based car parts retailer, accusing it of selling “shoddy goods and passing them off as genuine”.

Claiming trademark infringement and dilution, Volkswagen is also accusing the retailer of deceiving consumers by presenting a false designation of origin.

The parts mentioned feature the VW and Audi logos, which according to the documents “convey the false impression” that they are genuine items from the Volkswagen Group or are sponsored or licensed by them.

“If the goods are shoddy or the unauthorized manufacturer makes shoddy goods in the future, the public will come to believe that Volkswagen no longer maintains high standards for its exemplary products”, reads the lawsuit.

The legal proceedings come after a test purchase made by the Group on BK Motorsport’s that led them to finding out none of the products were originals or authorized by Volkswagen.

In addition, other than a clear trademark infringement, Volkswagen explains that the company’s acts are preventing the brand from exercising quality control over counterfeit goods.

So, with this in mind, Volkswagen has requested a permanent injunction enjoining BK Motorsport from using its trademarks.

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