The Intellectual Property, Money Laundering and Drug Trafficking Division, dependent on the Risk Control and Management Area of the National Customs Directorate (DNA) of Uruguay, seized a container with more than 20,000 counterfeit products from China.

Interviewed by local media outlet Subrayado, attorney Virginia Cervieri, managing partner of Cervieri Monsuárez & Asociados, explained that the seized container in transit transported counterfeit toys that can be of enormous danger to children’s health.

“We are going to take them to analyze because many times we have found that they have toxic materials, such as lead, which then have to be destroyed and has a specific destruction procedure,” explained the lawyer.

The presence of counterfeit toys has grown in recent years, accounting for 30% of the seizures that DNA made during 2019.

“The theme of toys increased last year,” said Cervieri. “So far in 2020, in times of pandemic and crisis, Uruguayan customs also continued to work and about five containers are already being seized. One of them is just toys, so it shows that the trend continues.”

According to the lawyer, the problem with this type of product is that its sale is often carried out in formal premises, where they are mixed with original products and confuse buyers.

Another difficulty is online stores, where sellers can present images of the original product – or a link to its website – and then sell the counterfeit one.

The seizure led to several prosecutions, something that Cervieri highlighted “Uruguay is one of the pioneer countries in Latin America in terms of prosecution. In many countries the sentence simply remains in community work and / or in the removal of the merchandise and its destruction. Uruguay, in addition to that, has criminal convictions, with prison, especially when there is recidivism.

Source: Subrayado.com

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