Chile scored a win in its historic dispute with Peru over the ownership of “pisco”, the term that has become synonymous with the famous drink. The Intellectual Property Office of the United Kingdom allowed the Viña Santa Rita Corporation of Chile to use the term “pisco” as a trademark on its label.

The opposition was from Peru, which claims to have exclusivity over the production of the Pisco designation of origin and, in turn, that there is an association of the term with the country. To prove the latter, Indecopi presented evidence of different activities promoting drinking in different European countries.

However, the British IPO said that the average consumer does not make this exclusive connection between Peru and “pisco.”

“From my point of view, the case that relevant consumers associate the term “pisco” with Peru is far from being a fact,” said a British IPO examiner. “Consequently, I find that the brand will not be of such a nature that it will deceive the public.”

Source: World IP Review

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