UEFA (European Union of Football Associations) has been looking for new partners to combat online piracy of its content, which includes some of the most popular football competitions in the world, such as the European Champions League.

According to a statement, UEFA “takes the protection of its intellectual property rights, as well as the interests of its media partners, very seriously.”

The body, part of FIFA, is looking for “one or more” service providers capable of providing “specific Internet piracy surveillance and enforcement services with respect to live and non-live piracy; and / or proposals regarding the provision of experience and services that are auxiliary to the mencionados basic ’services mentioned above.

UEFA states that its “key” objective is “the minimization of Internet piracy compared to certain UEFA national club and team competitions (and other UEFA audiovisual content)”.

Those who wish to answer the call must send their proposal before September 4, 2020.

UEFA already has a team of partners who have accompanied it in its fight against Internet content piracy in recent years.

Source: UEFA.com

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