This week, after delaying its premiere -originally planned for July- due to the coronavirus pandemic, Christopher Nolan’s new film Tenet finally opened in theaters in several countries, including Australia, Canada, France, Germany, South Korea. and the UK.

However, other countries such as the US, Russia, Japan or China had to wait a little longer for the Warner Bros. science fiction thriller to hit theaters. In the US, the film premiered on Thursday, September 3.

The combination of fear of possible contagion and this difference in release dates produced a significant increase in the number of illegal downloads of the film through pirate sites.

And while this is not a surprise, the release of Tenet brought an unusual event in the world of content piracy: as Torrent Freak reveals, because there is no “real” pirated copy of the film, the download sites are overwhelmed with fake versions of the film.

Fake torrents are not an unusual phenomenon, almost all popular movies have them. But the case of Tenet stands out due to the considerable number of false torrents accumulated in sites like The Pirate Bay, which faces “a notable delay in the elimination of links,” according to the portal.

Another noteworthy fact is the large number of malware and viruses associated with these fake download links. Torrent Freak highlights a specific case, in which a link led to the download of a 700MB video file, which turned out to be a still image asking people to review the readme file. This file requests the user’s credit card details “for verification purposes.”

In recent days, Warner Bros.’ anti-piracy partner has sent multiple takedown requests targeting URLs where pirated copies of Tenet are allegedly being shared. These links often point to the same fake files.

Source: TorrentFreak

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