The famous and coveted green jacket of the Augusta Golf Masters has become a registered trademark, protected for “promoting goods and services by sponsoring sporting events” and “organizing and conducting golf tournaments”.

Augusta National Inc succeeded in registering the famous jacket described as a trademark that “consists of the colors green and gold where the color green is applied to the jacket and the color gold is applied to the three waist buttons and the two buttons sleeve on each arm of the jacket. ”

The distinctiveness of Augusta’s green jacket, a key element for its registration as a brand, did not pose a problem. The famous clothing has become one of the easiest elements to recognize in the sports universe, with the image of the champions travelling the world every year.

The green jacket is a symbol of equality that members of the Augusta National Golf club had started wearing in 1937, three years after the first Masters, held in 1934.

The implementation of handing one to the champion began in 1949, when Bobby Jones suggested imitating the tradition of the English club Royal Liverpool, where British captains wore a red jacket and handed another to the winner of the British Open.

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