ContentScan, an anti-piracy service launched by Star Media, reports high efficiency numbers since the first months of its existence: over 9 million search result links to websites hosting pirated content have been blocked on Yandex. About 6 million of the links have been removed from search results in the first three months of 2021.

“It is worth noting that pirated content was hosted on more than 150,000 websites,” reports Star Media. “Approximately the same number of links have been removed from search results on Google that removes content at the request of copyright holders worldwide, not only in individual territories, which is much more efficient. It is only in such a case that content producers who own worldwide rights are able to protect their interests in all territories and, accordingly, increase their income.”

Detailed analytics for Star Media’s multichannel network (MCN) on YouTube show that Russian-language content is actively watched all over the world. For instance, Germany and the USA take the third and the fourth place in terms of views. This is why, blocking pirated links around the world is important. And it is not only about Star Media’s content, but also about the content of 40 partners whom the company collaborates within the framework of Star Media MCN on Youtube with.

“We have professional experience in three areas – the production, the distribution, and the protection of content. So, we have summarized combined and directed all our knowledge and skills to the efficient operation of the ContentScan service. We are happy to see that this sector of our activities has proven to be so efficient in the first months already. This means that the content of all Star Media’s partners is strongly protected,” commented Yekaterina Smirnova, Director of ContentScan.

Most often copyright holders used to ask us to remove links to popular films and TV series: Six Degrees of Celegration (Елки), Calambur: The Fools’ Village (Каламбур деревня дураков), The Walking Dead, Comedy Club and Under Military Law (По законам военного времени). ContentScan partners, including VGTRK, PRIOR, Bazelevs, Planeta Inform, Volga and others, detected a large number of violations of their rights by using the service software.

ContentScan is powered by machine learning technology; all the processes it employs – from the detection of pirated content to its complete removal – are automated. This allows one to protect an unlimited number of programs and makes protection more accessible for the purposes of monetizing the entire bulk of produced content. The service also protects VOD content and live TV broadcasts, including individual sports events.

Source: Star Media

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