The Argentine government will present a judicial reform project that will expand the number of criminal courts able to act in different areas, including the smuggling of merchandise.

The expansion of competent courts will also affect the crimes of corruption, drug trafficking, human trafficking, but also smuggling of merchandise, money laundering and corporate evasion.

In many cases, and particularly within the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, these are many crimes that were previously exclusive to the economic criminal jurisdiction.

The reform, according to the press, will merge the 12 federal investigative courts with the 11 economic criminal courts, generating 23 courts that will deal with crimes before each jurisdiction intervenes separately.

In addition, the number of courts will be doubled, generating one for each secretariat that already exists -two per court- to have a total of 43 courts.

It is also considered to unify the Federal Chamber and the National Chamber on Economic Criminal Matters, which fulfill the role of first instance of appeal prior to a Criminal Cassation intervention.

The reform is expected to enter the Argentine congress this week.

Source: Telam.com.ar

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