The acceleration in the growth of the digital universe given by the exponential development of new technologies, as well as the needs generated by the quarantine under which much of the planet currently lives, has placed an even greater emphasis on the precautions that brands must take to protect their rights in the online environment.

In this scenario, Red Points was born as one of the most successful Spanish startups in recent years. The company, founded in Barcelona, offers different types of services that include brand protection, the fight against piracy, the monitoring of online commerce stores and that of social networks such as YouTube.

“Red Points protects the most important brands and content in the world”, explains Javier Eduardo Sierra, Senior Account Executive at Red Points. “From livestreams, to movies and digital content, as well as physical products. We make sure there are no counterfeits online and that we can mitigate these incidents.”

Online commerce and the streaming or downloading of series and movies, both trends in enormous growth, have accelerated their influence on people’s consumption habits due to Covid-19 and Red Points makes their current and potential customers aware of the risk this entails, since it offers many possibilities for the proliferation of counterfeits and piracy.

“We are constantly monitoring sales channels such as Amazon and eBay, up to different torrents, to detect and eliminate false content,” says Sierra.

The technologies applied by Red Points – which include image analysis, bot search and machine learning, among others – have been praised by its customers, who have described the company as a kind of “antivirus”, the virus being violations of intellectual property.

“We have state-of-the-art technology, our own technology,” says Sierra. “We have a group of more than 100 developers and engineers who are constantly developing technology for our clients, from image recognition to keyword search and natural language processing (NLP).”

Its clients include brands from different fields such as audiovisual, written publications, live events and video games. “We have more than 650 clients globally, from Fila to Mighty Muggs in the US,” explains the executive. “We work with many brand lines, with many verticals.”

In the world of sports, Red Points counts “the world’s biggest football clubs” as customers. “We protect their content online.” Sierra points out. “For example, on YouTube we make sure to protect that content and empower it for monetization. We also take care of their physical products, such as merchandising, and the relationships they have with licensees. ”

Those who want to know more about Red Points and its fight against piracy can access its series of Webinars, which feature both members of the company and analysts specialized in different areas within the universe of intellectual property as speakers.

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