Photographer and designer Judy Juracek is suing video game developer and publisher Capcom for $ 12 million, accusing it of using her photos to develop the art for the Resident Evil 4 video game.

According to the lawsuit, 80 images taken by Juracek are part of the game without her permission.

Many of these images were originally published in a book entitled “Surfaces” published by Juracek in 1996.

The most important example that Juracek’s attorneys presented, within the 134 pages of evidence that are part of the lawsuit, is an image of a “unique mirror break pattern” that is allegedly part of Capcom’s “main logo for Resident Evil 4”.

“It is difficult to imagine that Juracek took a photo of broken glass in Italy and that Capcom artists would reproduce the exact same pattern of broken glass in a logo without the benefit of the Juracek photographs,” argued the attorneys.

The original version of the video game Resident Evil 4 was released in January 2005, obtaining excellent critical and audience results, being considered one of the most influential games in the horror and science fiction genre.

Capcom is working on releasing a remake of the video game in the next few years.

Source: The Register

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