By Juan Cichero, Head of Brand Protection at Mercado Libre, exclusive for Brands + IP News

If there are two elements that currently build trust between a company and its users, they are transparency and integrity. For this reason, as a leading company in the region in key industries such as electronic commerce and financial services, at Mercado Libre we understand that trust is at the heart of our business and that transparency is the best way to honor this increasingly deep bond with our users.

Through transparency, a company makes known how it acts and communicates, so it is ideal to enhance the communication system both internally and externally. Within this framework, a few weeks ago we presented our second Transparency Report.

This second report, which covers January-June 2021, focuses on four well-defined verticals: information requirements from authorities, protection of the safety and quality of our products, protection of intellectual property rights and management of the claims for privacy of our users.

In our last report we incorporated a new chapter referring to the information requirements received from the authorities. We cooperate daily with those who guard the legality and security of the digital ecosystem, guaranteeing the rights of people, through technologies and processes that allow us to optimize our cooperation.

Regarding security, we have clear rules and zero tolerance for any activity that deteriorates the experience of our users. Thus, we work hard to reduce exposure to publications in violation of our publication policies, which threaten a good user experience. As the Report reflects, more than 99% of the deleted content is detected by our fraud prevention teams. The rest are reported by users or by different authorities in the region within the framework of collaboration agreements.

In our case, relying on technology to be increasingly efficient in caring for the ecosystem guarantees that in less than a second, our systems analyze more than 5,000 variables to detect and pause or eliminate infringing publications in real time according to the terms and conditions. According to our statistics, the category with the highest infringements in Argentina is “digital books”, as in Uruguay and Peru. In contrast, in Brazil it corresponds to “poorly categorized adult products”, as is also the case in Mexico and Chile. On the other hand, in Colombia, the highest number of eliminated publications occurred in the category of “medicines.”

When it comes to protecting intellectual property, our goal is for buyers to purchase genuine, quality products, thus ensuring the best shopping experience. That is why at Mercado Libre we created the Brand Protection Program (BPP) that allows intellectual property holders to report publications in alleged infringement of their rights, completely free of charge, in the 18 countries where we operate and from a single account. The program allows to protect all rights; including trademarks, copyrights, patents and utility models and industrial models and designs. Additionally, we have machine learning tools that learn from complaints and proactively remove other infringing publications. Thanks to this technology, 85% of the content removed is proactive detections from Mercado Libre.

We are pioneers in self-regulation policies and we develop disruptive control tools, which have evolved and added innovations to prevent any activity that affects the quality of our services.

Our priority is to manage user data in a responsible and secure manner. We do so with the highest standards of confidentiality and we are transparent about its use and care. In turn, we are aware of the concern that the use of personal data may cause among users.

That is why we explain what information we collect, what we do with it and in which cases we share it, including what refers to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The Transparency Report reflects, in particular, the number of exercises of rights of access, rectification, cancellation or opposition to the processing of your personal data that our users exercised in the period analyzed.

At a time when digital migration is accelerating and driving a profound cultural change, we intensify our transparency and integrity efforts, in order to guarantee our users digital spaces in which their security and rights are protected with the highest internaltionals. standards.

At Mercado Libre we are in continuous beta. We live in times of dizzying change and we understand that each project is a challenge and an opportunity. The very concept of transparency is constantly evolving and assumes new meanings with each technological advance and the cultural transformations it causes. At Mercado Libre we are committed to continuing on this path to guarantee greater trust to all those who interact with our ecosystem and to continue collaborating with chambers, civil society associations and competent authorities.

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