Mega, the popular cloud storage service, announced that it has terminated the accounts of more than 144,813 users for copyright infringement, as detailed in its latest Transparency Report 2021.

Like its predecessor, Megaupload, Mega offers the possibility of saving digital content privately in the cloud; the company itself doesn’t review what its users upload. Those who have uploaded the content can then share it with third parties through encrypted download links.

Today, Mega has more than 107,000 million files stored on its servers.

Of course, as it was the case with Megaupload, this type of private service is used to share content illegally, taking advantage of its privacy to infringe the copyrights of movies, music, books, comics, etc.

Between September 2020 and September 2021, Mega received 2.3 million takedown requests from rights holders, a figure that is almost twice as high as the same period from 2019 to 2020, when there were 1,2 million requests.

“The number of files which have been subject to such takedown notices continues to be very small [compared to overall files stored], indicative of a user base which appreciates the speed, flexibility and privacy of Mega’s systems for legitimate business and personal use,” the company stated.

“In Q3 2021, the links taken down represented 0.0007% of the 107 billion files uploaded to Mega servers.”

Mega operates under a “three strikes” system for its users, suspending those who share copyrighted content more than two times during a six-month period.

Source: Torrentfreak.com

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