A connoisseur of registered trademarks, the young billionaire already owns over a dozen terms related to her name and her cosmetics business.

Be it “Kylie Body”, “Kylie Body by Kylie Jenner”, “Kybow”, “Kyliner”, “Kylie Baby”, “Kylie Museum,” or “Kylie Kon”; if it is a derivative of her name, she will seek to trademark it.

In her eagerness to conquer the world of cosmetics, Jenner has even tried to register vague concepts such as “Lip Kit” or “Glitter Eyes”, with no success at the moment.

And now, the CEO of Kylie Cosmetics wants to register the name “Stormi Culture”, in honor of her daughter Stormi Webster, which has already been taken by clothing company, Business Moves Consulting.

Jenner should be able to win the dispute, as Busines Moves Consulting registered the term just one month after the birth of her daughter, in a clear attempt to deceive the public with a brand associated with the star.

If it went to trial, Jenner’s team can also point out that the clothing company uses other celebrity names to sell their merchandise, establishing a pattern that will play even more in her favor.

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