The Chilean National Institute of Industrial Property (INAPI) has announced the launch of a new tool that aims to facilitate access to information related to patent applications in the country.

The tool is an online search engine that allows access to 100% of the pending patent applications filed since June 2014.

This includes invention patents, utility models, industrial designs and drawings and layout schemes.

The National Director of INAPI, Loreto Bresky, said that “it is a pleasure to launch a tool that users have demanded for a long time and that it will surely be very useful, because it allows us to consult public records from anywhere, which ratifies our commitment to service quality and technological diffusion.”

The new tool is part of the improvements made to the online patent search engine, which allows users to review the status of the files in process and verify their progress. Consequently, users will not have to go to the institutional building to access these documents.

To use this new search engine for digital patent files, you must have a Unique Key, which can be obtained at the Civil Registry Offices or IPS/Chile Atiende and which allows access to all State services.

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Sofia Vanoli