Perhaps one of the most iconic lines in The Lion King, Disney turned the saying into a trademark back in 2003 for use on clothing, footwear and headgear.

But now, that trademark is competing with the application of Chinese company Qianhai Qisheng Supply Chain Management Shenzhen Co, which aims to trademark HakunaMatata in the US for party supplies like balloons, confetti and infant toys.

Disney has apposed the application by stating that what they are attempting to register is “identical in sound, appearance, connotation, and commercial impression” to its own mark, in addition to being closely related to the film, whose trademarks are used continuously by the company in many products including balloons, party supplies and children’s toys.

With this in mind, Disney believes the approval of such a trademark will cause confusion and damages, and should therefore be denied.

However, this is not the first time that this particular trademark is under attack. Last year, Shelton Mpala, a Zimbabwean-Canadian activist, initiated a petition for Disney to get rid of its trademark explaining that “it can’t be allowed to trademark something that it didn’t invent.”

The phrase or saying comes from Swahili, one of the most widely spoken languages in East Africa, and means, as the film explains time and time again, “no worries” or “no problem”.

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