In vogue today, Artificial Intelligences that create text and images have just received their first dose of the real world, being at the center of different copyright infringement lawsuits, led by companies like Getty Images and different artists.

The most important lawsuit focuses on the company Stability AI, developer of the artificial intelligence behind Stable Diffusion, a software capable of generating images from text, which is accused of “illegally copying and processing millions of images protected by rights From author”.

The lawsuit, filed in the High Court of Justice in London, claims that Stability AI took advantage of third-party content, protected by copyright, “to create a commercial offer for its own financial benefit (…) The company did not contacted Getty Images to use our material or that of our contributors, so we are taking action.”

Craig Peters, CEO of Getty Images, compared the case to that of Napster and would not confirm yet whether the British lawsuit will be followed by another one in the US.

Since Stable Diffusion was created using open source, Getty was able to confirm that its images, and those of other agencies, have been used to power the software.

In parallel, three visual artists -Sarah Andersen, Kelly McKerman and Karla Ortiz- launched another lawsuit, which also names Stable Diffusion, along with other websites such as Midjourney and DeviantArt, for infringing the rights of “millions” of artists.

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