It wasn’t series, or movies, or video games , or even music. When it comes to illegal access, it was electronic text publications and live events that grew the most in terms of online copyright infringement in the past two years.

That is, according to a new study by the UK’s Intellectual Property Office, the Online Copyright Infringement Tracker report, which indicates that these two content categories were the ones that most increased in popularity among cyber pirates.

About 35% of users of electronic publications have accessed illegal content in the last three months, while 34% of live sports fans have done the same.

“A key enabler in relation to the infraction is the perceived level of accessibility,” the study said. “The process of accessing content through illegal sources is considered relatively easy, and the richness of available content is attractive.”

“Ambiguity is also a problem, and for some content categories, there was uncertainty about whether they were technically illegal or not,” the report added.

Generally speaking, within all categories, 25% of respondents had downloaded illegal content in the last three months.

In addition, many considered that the responsibility for the protection of the content rests ultimately with those who are making the content available, and few pirates “seem to have an idea of the ramifications of the use of illegal sources and, therefore, are willing to take the risk, “the report said.

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