With November coming to a close, the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office has presented a new campaign against counterfeit products with a slogan that translates to something like “When we say no to counterfeits, we all win.”

The campaign was presented by the acting minister Reyes Maroto with the aim of raising awareness among all citizens regarding the negative effects that buying and selling counterfeit products have on society as a whole.

According to data from the EUIPO, losses in Spain during 2018 due to counterfeiting and piracy were around 6.7 billion euros, translating to the loss of 53,467 jobs.

Together, the total value of lost sales in Spain is equivalent to 146 euros per year for each Spanish citizen.

“The protection of industrial property is a priority for the Government, and therefore, for a year and a half, we have reinforced actions aimed at combating counterfeiting and, therefore, the violation of trademark and design rights,” explained the minister in a press release.

“We have put this challenge on the political and public agenda, to involve the greatest number of actors in the fight against counterfeiting.”

Furthermore, counterfeits don’t just have an economic cost. They also pose a risk to the health and safety of consumers themselves, which is why the Spanish authorities believe it is necessary to “change attitudes and behaviors regarding the acquisition of counterfeit products.”

In this sense, the campaign has been presented to coincide with Black Friday, which is when more are made, especially online, which is an environment where counterfeiters thrive.

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Sofia Vanoli