The anti-piracy service developed by Russian media company Star Media is “98% effective” and blocks more than 120,000 illegal links per day, said Vlad Riashyn, CEO and founder of Star Media.

“Using ContentScan, Yandex, Russia’s leading search engine, has blocked more than 14 million links to sites hosting pirated content, and Google has blocked more than 13 million,” Riashyn said.

Interviewed by the ttvnews portal about the first 15 years of the company, the executive provided details on one of the most interesting developments in recent years: the creation of ContentScan, his own anti-piracy service.

ContentScan, launched in December 2020, has a machine learning technology that automatically performs the process of detecting and eliminating pirated content.

Here is part of Riashyn’s interview with ttvnews:

What are the circumstances surrounding the company’s decision to develop its own anti-piracy service?

It has always been a priority for Star Media and its many rights holders in the region to protect their content from piracy. Our catalog contains thousands of titles, so using an outside service would add substantial costs. Our solution was to develop an anti-piracy service of our own.

A memorandum signed by key Russian media companies in 2018 has significantly improved protection of content. Because of that development, we began protecting content from our YouTube partners and have expanded to other media companies as well.

What is the level of success so far?

As a result of our expertise in production, distribution, and content protection, we developed Content Scan, a unique anti-piracy service. From locating pirated content to fully removing it, the service is fully automated and is based on machine learning. It was launched in December 2020. This system makes title protection efficient and cost-effective and allows us to protect a number of titles simultaneously. Various types of content, such as text, live television streaming, and sporting events, are protected under this service.

Over 98% of Content Scan’s protection is effective to date. The number of blocked links surpasses 120,000 every day. By using Content Scan, Yandex, the leading Russian search engine, has blocked more than 14 million links to sites hosting pirated content, and Google has blocked more than 13 million.

Two industrial awards have already been won by Content Scan: the Bolshaya Tsifra national award for digital TV and a special award from Russian Association of Film and Television Producers. Among other things, the company joined FRAPA, a global organization that seeks to protect television formats legally.

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Carolina Mussio