This July 7th, the Brazilian Federal Police (PF) led multiple operations aimed at criminals linked to drug trafficking, cigarette smuggling and capital whitening.

The manoeuvre had the goal of holding 30 people and complying with 31 orders of repair and caution in five municipalities in Mato Grosso do Sul.

The investigations that gave rise to the operations began in 2017 and continued until the group mentioned the possibility of signing public security officials of the state.

During the course of the investigations, 2.7 million packets of Paraguayan cigarillos, five tons of marihuana and 25 vehicles (large and small) were avoided.

The Federal Police reported to Globo that the band filled with drugs and cigarrillos on stolen cars and, from the region of Mundo Novo, in the border with Paraguay, followed the highways of Mato Grosso do Sul to other states. These vehicles drive “very high speed” and recklessly.

As part of the bands operation, the money obtained from the traffic and smuggling was laundered using gas stations and a concert hall. They also used the bank accounts of other people. The PF claims that this ‘arm’ of the group, the one in charge of the laundering, was commanded by an ex-politician.

One of the operations is called ‘Celeritas’, which at the same time means ‘speed’ or ‘excess of speed’, referring to the way that criminals acted.

The orders that gave rise to the operation were issued by the Federal Courts of Naviraí and Campo Grande, and are carried out in Naviraí, Itaquiraí, Eldorado, Tacuru and Bataguassu.

Source: Federal Police of Brazil

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