The National Chamber of Industry (CNI) of Bolivia made public, in the voice of its president, Ivo Blazicevic, that the contraband of mass consumer products grew by 10%, comparing the same periods of 2021 and 2020, and that if this situation continues, it will put more than 80,000 jobs at risk.

As Blazicevic told the daily Página Siete, the impact of illicit commerce in the industry is “enormous.” “If contraband advances 10% more this year and we have it be 20% of total production, it will affect the same propensity to the unemployment rate, that is to say: I believe that 80,000 are at risk jobs, ” said the businessman.

The borders with Argentina and Brazil are indicated as the routes most used by smugglers to enter products such as food and beverages, among others.

“Jobs have been lost due to smuggling,” Blazicevic explained. “We must have a much more effective method of fighting it, we know that Customs makes important efforts, but I believe that we must provide the Vice Ministry of Fight Against Contraband with more resources and troops, so that the fight is proportional to the threat we have.”

Source: Page Seven

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